Trying to figure out this damn blog!!

So I’m back from my escape to Florida and I have yet to post any of the videos that I recorded from my camera because I just don’t understand this blog well enough to post the videos but no worries I’ll get it. I arrived last Tuesday and I must say, I feel really good about being here. I’ve been down for a lot of the new year because of that breakup but recently I have been waking up early again, which to me signals that I am making progress in the “post relationship rebuilding project”. I have been meeting tons of girls recently, not necessarily to forget about anything or anyone in particular but I have just been thrusted into situations where I kinda have to meet people and make an attempt to change my fortunes. I have a whole bunch of new phone numbers but I’m not sure where they will lead because after the inital meeting up, it takes a lot for me to actually use the numbers and call these girls to go out again. Partly because I just can’t maintain the interest I showed in the inital meeting. But that is changing slowly.

I am just going to continue to do what I want to do. Rocio was wrong for what she did and she will understand it eventually. She attempts to lie to herself about “doing the right thing” but what she did wasn’t right. The way she handled it was terrible but I’ll persevere, and make it out of this bad situation. I am destined to be successful and I have to harness that energy and become who I know I am meant to be. With the help of this blog, I will do it. Stay tuned.

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