What means the world to you? (random)

Well, another day and another post. I have been here contemplating whether I should write something today and I figured that I would because I have an interesting question to ask. What is your interpretation of success? I listen to songs and watch videos and most of those people equate money and fame with success but then there are others who want a huge family and consider that as having made it. But what do YOU strive for? A high paying job? A huge house? Lots of cars? I thought I knew what I needed in order to be satisfied but , literally, about 13 seconds ago I realized that I really have no idea. I mean, what would it take for me to reach the ultimate happiness? I think that since I have no idea, I strive to find it and that puts me in so many different, good situations that I’m bound to latch on to something and hold it dear, as my ultimate dream. There are so many twists and turns that, even as inadvertent as it may be, you will find that purpose in your life and everything will seem a bit clearer.

ANOTHER EPIPHANY!!: At this point in my existence, enjoying my people is top priority. I am sure that there will come a time, maybe soon, that I will have to take a step back and re-evaluate my situation and put more emphasis in other things but for now, that’s it. This post is not about me though. I want to know what you think you need to be happy. I am well aware that by asking this question it would be better to have a bunch of subscribers to my blog and about 3000 friends on Facebook, but I would rather do it this way and anyone who is willing to write back can do that. I usually get messages in my facebook inbox but come on y’all, leave em’ on here.


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