I don’t think that the last place I’m bound to live in is Montreal. Not for the rest of my life. I have been going over the possibilities in my mind recently and I want to sample it all. I want to go all over. The colder areas, the ridiculously hot. The rainy spots, the windy city, all of it. I’ve had friends that have told me that they would never leave this city and maybe they have good reason to say that but personally, I need to see it all before I commit to living in one specific area. I have plans baby! I have plans. Going to New York and then moving to Florida was great because I got to see a great deal in those two cities, not to mention the other places I got to see because I was in the US. It was great to see different ways of life and different speeds of living. I was only introduced to the Montreal way before I left the country but I longed for something different and that’s why I left, among other reasons.

But since I’ve been thinking about all of the travels, I am thinking that this is where my life is headed. I’m going to attempt to go to as many places as I can before I die. Fuck it. I’m gonna do it and I’m going to bring you all with me. I dunno when the first trip will take place but I guarantee you one thing, I am back and I am going to live now. Nothing will hold me back. If I get an opportunity I am taking it and I will make sure that I maximize any opportunity that comes my way. I feel better, about who I am now, than I have in a long time. Thanks to all of you who cared enough to watch out for me when I wasn’t too great. I love you guys, I really do. All of the texts and messages were so important to me getting out of my funk and I would like to give you all the biggest amounts of love that I could possibly give.

Life is beautiful again and even though it has gotten a lot harder than I remember, I am not afraid. I will dictate the coming events and I will enjoy it all. All I want to give is peace, happiness and love. Te Extrano Bany.

2 thoughts on “Nomad

  1. I read an article about opportunities and the author states this:”NOW, no opportunity waits.”

    Anyway, take care! 🙂


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