Dear Summer…

I’ve been prepping for you, summer. I’ve been wanting you so badly for so long because you make me feel all warm and tingly, inside and out. Every time I’m on my way to see you, I sweat with anticipation because you’re so hot. I can’t ever stop thinking about you but the worst part of it is that I have to share you with so many people. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t mess with you because you always make me want to drop everything that I am doing just so that I can spend all day and night with you. It’s funny though,  because we’re not usually alone when we’re together. There are always a bunch of things that are happening around the city when we’re together and you never seem jealous about the fact that I want to do all of these things when we’re hanging out. All my friends love you and love when you show up because you always tend to spice things up and get the party started. The problem, though, is that you always show up late. It really annoys me because I really like you but I always have to wait on you to get to me and no matter how often I call on you, you only move at your own pace and you always leave too early. I guess I should appreciate you for what you are and just enjoy our time together but you always leave me wanting so much more. I need you. The world is so cold without you. It almost feels like the night comes sooner every time you decide that you’re going to disappear. And here we are again, I’m sitting here waiting for you to show up. Every year that passes, you become more and more important to all of us. We have all of the party favors ready and everyone is hiding around the room, waiting for you to walk through that door so we can jump out and surprise you with all of our happiness and well-wishes…so don’t keep us waiting, just get here.

– S.G.

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