The power of words

What is this post about? It’s about exactly what you read in the subject line. Words. And how using them can affect the outcome of situations that we place ourselves in. Or not. While talking to someone very important to me, I started thinking of something in particular: In relationships, why is the “boyfriend/girlfriend” status  so important? Am I wrong in thinking that this is a bit stupid? People seem to have this perception that if you are seeing someone and you attach those words to the situation you’re in, it will somehow prevent the other person from doing something underhanded or sneaky.

My thinking is that if you are a sleaze bucket and you are convinced that flirting or cheating with other men/women is what you want to do, you’ll do it regardless of what your relationship status is. No word will ever change a cheaters’ mind on that. So what exactly is the label for? I guess it’s something to appease the insecurity that comes with liking someone and hoping that they like you back. I dunno. All I know is that I have grown enough from past situations to just want to enjoy that person that I decide to be with. If I feel comfortable with the label then I will do it. Thinking deeper though, I think I’m just afraid to get back into a situation like that right now, because of what happened with Rocio. It probably isn’t fair to whomever I get involved with but I am apprehensive right now. I’m getting better though.

In closing, I am sure that the label is important in some sense and that I will be compelled to put that very same label on some future relationship that I am in. You’re not wrong for wanting to protect yourself, I guess. It just strikes me as weird that some folks feel that by using these words, they make their relationships “cheater proof”. Random thoughts at a quarter to four in the “ante meridium”.

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