Media Sickness

I’m really getting sick of the internet! No, I mean literally sick of the internet. It makes me nauseous. Maybe I have been online a lot on the past few months. A lot more than usual because of a few things that I am busy with but I just feel like everything people cannot afford to fit into a television commercial is placed online and I’m just tired of seeing all of it. I need an internet cleanse. It may be funny to be reading this “online” but I just felt like putting this on my outlet where I can express my thoughts. I just need a little time away from all of the blog magazines and all the youtube videos and all of the ….well just everything. I’ll be watching TV and every two seconds I have to watch 8 commercials about a workout DVD or an NBC sitcom that is only going to be canceled in a few weeks anyway. I just need to slowly turn everything off. At least for a little while. It just feels like pollution and too much of that stuff just isn’t good. I need to go away for a bit and clear my head. Hopefully that can happen sooner than later but for now, I have to limit my time on the internet in order to get some peace of mind.

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