Episode 1 Part 3.1 (Miami)

I was supposed to put this up about 2 weeks ago but so many things have been happening in my life and I was struggling to find the time to do it. I have finally finished the video and I have decided to break it into two parts so that I could reduce the length and thus give everyone a better chance of watching the entire thing. I apologize to anyone who has been checking  to see that I posted it and I will try to become more consistent in my vlog posting.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure that these last videos were great, if not for the fact that I just like doing things well, then for the fact that I wanted everyone to feel as close to what is happening as possible. it was quite an experience and I want  to thank everyone that  made it possible. I have a few more episodes planned and I have a few more things planned to get more participation on the blog itself. It’s hard for me to keep quiet about exciting things because I want so much to show them to everyone but I guess with time, everything will come out. 1 episode left and we’re on to a different city with different stuff happening.

Casio, Rolex, make sure you watch me…

– Le Ch1ffre

Ante Meridiem Thoughts & Deleted Scenes

I have been so blessed to be able to do everything I have done in this young 2012. It’s only April and I have realized a multitude of things that will benefit me in so many ways, as well as meeting people that have left permanent stains on my heart (Anup, Leo, Antonia, Javi, etc). It has just validated what I already knew, that travelling is what I need to do. Not a tough conclusion to come to but I am in a privileged position to actually go and see these places that, at one time, I only fantasized about being able to see. I started this blog by simply writing about things that crossed my mind and now it has evolved to taking pictures and making videos but I will still write, because I love doing it. There’s nothing like looking at the finished product of a thought that you produce on paper. To me, it’s beautiful. Anyway, I’m babbling, here are two scenes that I couldn’t fit into the vlog series. I wanted to make sure that we put out everything possible leading in to the, more artistic, second episode. I’m doing it. Really doing it. And it’s for all of us.

– Le Ch1ffre

(Buy a bunny for your hunny) – You know who you are…

Vlog Pictures (Miami Edition) pt.2

We took so many pictures in Miami. I didn't want to end this episode without posting as many of them as I could shere you go. I have other goodies to show you before I put up the last part of episode 1 so be on the lookout. If you like the pictures, thank Milton Zhang at Stainless Photography because he's the one that took them and tweaked em for yours and my enjoyment, although I will take credit for that picture of him emerging from the shadows near the end of this post. Based on that one shot, I think I may have another calling. Ha! Click the picture to enlarge, and happy easter :) - Le Ch1ffre