Ante Meridiem Thoughts & Deleted Scenes

I have been so blessed to be able to do everything I have done in this young 2012. It’s only April and I have realized a multitude of things that will benefit me in so many ways, as well as meeting people that have left permanent stains on my heart (Anup, Leo, Antonia, Javi, etc). It has just validated what I already knew, that travelling is what I need to do. Not a tough conclusion to come to but I am in a privileged position to actually go and see these places that, at one time, I only fantasized about being able to see. I started this blog by simply writing about things that crossed my mind and now it has evolved to taking pictures and making videos but I will still write, because I love doing it. There’s nothing like looking at the finished product of a thought that you produce on paper. To me, it’s beautiful. Anyway, I’m babbling, here are two scenes that I couldn’t fit into the vlog series. I wanted to make sure that we put out everything possible leading in to the, more artistic, second episode. I’m doing it. Really doing it. And it’s for all of us.

– Le Ch1ffre

(Buy a bunny for your hunny) – You know who you are…

2 thoughts on “Ante Meridiem Thoughts & Deleted Scenes

  1. U are so brave man! Lol thank u for sharing! I always wondered what people feel when they jump out of a plane and u showed it in details! I really enjoyed this video! Could u please make one “swimming with the dolphins”??)))


    • Hello Sasha, thanks for taking the time to watch the episode and to write about it. I’m really glad that you liked it. I have a lot of videos planned and the “swimming with the dolphins” idea is definitely one of them. 😉


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