I grew up reading a lot. It was a way to escape things. Turmoil, boredom and many other things that I just don’t feel like mentioning. The books were sometimes adventure books or sometimes I would just memorize a GQ magazine but the looks of the people or the hero profiles were usually very similar. They would both, essentially, make the subject as perfect as possible. No faults to the human eye. The hair was always perfect, and the suits always tailored. The women always disposable and the cars always top of the line. It was all I saw and somewhere along the line, I started thinking that these were the ideals that I had to hold on to. The model of perfection. I guess that’s why I gravitate towards “Le Chiffre” and “Francois Toulour”. But that shit doesn’t exist. I don’t believe that it does. No one is perfect like that. Not to say that you wouldn’t want to always wear the best clothes or date the most beautiful people but I don’t think any of that stuff even matters. So I am creating my own version of these egos and trying my best to cultivate my realness. I think you show more character to walk around and take pride in the fact that you are not perfect. That there will forever be things that you have to work on. I’ve grown to enjoy that. I love walking around seeing people and knowing in my heart that the sense of expression that my eyes have noticed is really who these people are. No gimmicks. “My clothes are my skin”. “This is how I feel”. It gives me a happiness that I can’t describe and yet I know nothing of these people, but I root for them. I wish them the very best because I believe that they are being honest on a level that people fear. Everyone seems so scared of everyone. Walking around, I get more “mean mugs” than anything else. And I know people will say “Oh, but that’s just how my face is”. Haha, nah, mean muggin’ someone ain’t your face. Look at your passport picture and tell me if that is the face you make in the streets because THAT is what your face looks like, when indifferent..

Anyway, in the spirit of transparency, I just wanted to let folks know that Episode 2 will be the last vlog for the season. There will be more in the future though. Just enjoy the videos that are upcoming. They’re gonna be kinda cool.

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