Episode 2 (NYC) Part 1

So I’m a bit late with the release of this episode. I apologize for that. Milton and I had a few more things to get done before I could feel 100% comfortable about releasing this first part to the public. This is a very personal episode for me and there are a lot of reasons for that.

A few words on the heart: That bandaged heart has defined me for a long time. It means so much to me because it shows me every day that although I am destructible, I am resilient and I will fight. It also helped me a lot to read the older posts that I wrote, in an attempt to cleanse myself of the anguish I felt. Seeing who I have become in that short span of time makes me really proud of who I am and eager to see who I will be.

Le Chiffre:That is a side to me that seldom gets seen. Methodical, quiet, calm, cerebral, I really enjoyed the character in the Bond movie and I saw a lot of myself in him. I plan to use the name in a good light though, no ill-intent. Hopefully, with time, my wardrobe will mirror his. That would be awesome.

I think I can easily say that this will probably be the most personal I will ever get for this blog, but I feel really good about being able to share this stuff. And the jacket…haha, that jacket is incredible. I have to thank Mike Sherman and Jack Greer at the Nike Bowery studio for doing an amazing job at bringing my ideas to life on a beautiful canvas.

Some folks have been telling me that I am so lucky to be doing what I have been doing in 2012 but to be honest, I am just doing what I want to do, there is no luck involved. Life doesn’t have to be a predetermined affair, the journey is everything to me and I am enjoying all of it. Like I mentioned earlier, this will be the last episode for a little while but there is still so much to come. I really hope that you like it. Power up 🙂


Random thought.

I was thinking about reincarnation and what that all entails. Everyone has, at least, basic knowledge of the subject but for the folks that don’t know anything about it, well, reincarnation is a religious supposition in where your soul or your spirit will begin a new life in a new body after you die. There is no specific type of body that you will inhabit though, it could be human or it could be animal or whatever. It’s pretty much all dependent on the quality of your actions in the previous life that you lived. Now here is my random thought: Estimates say that we, as human beings on Earth, surpassed the 7 billion people mark in March of this year, the thing is that we have been growing in population for…well forever. We were at 1 billion in the 1800’s and then we got to 2 billion in the early 1920’s, which then went to 3 billion in 1960, 4 billion in the late 80’s and so on. My point is that if we are present reincarnations of folks before us then wouldn’t that make us fractions of our past selves? I could be all wrong about this but I dunno, I just felt like sharing

I do find the concept of reincarnation to be pretty interesting though but then I have another question. Does doing a good thing solely for the purpose of getting on the good side of something or someone actually count? I don’t think it does. I hope that people actually do things because they genuinely want to help, and don’t keep score with their god, that would be awful…and hilarious. Invariably though,  people get upset with each other and start running down the list of things that they have done for you, for which you should be grateful, and that is truly unfortunate. Not everyone does it, but some do. I can even recall, with incredible clarity, the moments where I have been guilty of doing that very same thing. Wasn’t cool though and I have since learned. Doing things for someone out of the kindness of our hearts is a truly good deed that is rewarded by the recipient continuing that very same string of goodness for another stranger, or maybe someone they know. And just imagine that we got enough people to just do a genuinely good deed for their fellow man, the ripple effect would be so enormous that we would we able to change the world, if only for a brief, fleeting moment.

That’s the world I want to be reincarnated into.