Romantic relationships are interesting for me. They are difficult, mostly because I haven’t been in many of them.  I’ve had a pretty long one and people sometimes tell me that I have all of this experience because I was with a person for a very long time but I don’t believe that. In my mind, I only have experience with one type of person. The length of the relationship doesn’t really mean anything to me because it doesn’t help me with any relationships that I have been in since then or am in now. The reason that I bring up the topic of relationships is that I sometimes wonder about them. I always have. Is it really necessary to have someone to share everything with? I know that people would have you believe that they love being with their significant other at any time of the day, everyday, but I am not like that and I don’t think I am very different from very many people for that sentiment. I like my time alone. Not always, but a lot of times, yea, I do.

I enjoy getting to know people though, there is something about it. The fact that their lives are so different from mine, or maybe how similar they are, excites me. It’s like I’m being introduced to a different world with every person that I encounter. A world where I can marvel at the impressive feats of it’s one inhabitant. Nothing fake, like on television. No elaborate explosions, or assassinations, just grit, determination to fight through a difficult situation and triumph to the highest heights or suffer the most regrettable of failures. Either way, they are lessons that can be imparted to me and my world so that I can better navigate the terrain and sometimes those lessons aren’t meant to be taken along with the person who is offering them. How can you be sure of that? Instinct, I guess.  Everyone has their own personality, but from what I have seen, a lot of people around us do not mirror our interests.

They say that birds of a feather flock together but those birds aren’t always joined at the hip. They go their separate ways and reconvene every now and then. Makes me wonder if I would be friends with certain people that I know now, under different circumstances. Whatever the situation, I do wish that people wouldn’t be so strange about getting to know each other sometimes. I get that there are some weirdos out there but the categorization is what frustrates me. If I decide to engage someone that I have never met, does that make me strange? Or if a man approaches a woman he’s never met, does it always have to be with a sexual undertone? I can’t speak for all men but I can speak for me. I am growing to like people. Ha, maybe I have always kinda liked them but the point is that assumptions will sometimes make you look foolish, trust me, I know, and I will do my very best to enter every interpersonal interaction with a clear mind and leave the assessments for later rather than on first glance.

One thought on “Relationships

  1. dude this is the truest message i think ive ever read. fuck assumptions. why assume anything without getting to know them first. and when you do, no matter who they are, an untold story is there whether they’ve done good or not, that anyone who isn’t blind can see and feel with their heart true. i may be trippin now after a few beers a night of chillin but im understandin it i think, i hope. fucl it. im ramblin on this cause i have shit to say and you spit some true shit so ill spit some back, im listein to final hour lauryn hill and its amazingl keep speaking the truth dude

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