Successes & Failures

Life is really funny sometimes. It works on so many different levels and even though there are basic blueprints to certain kinds of success, there isn’t a fullproof way of making it anywhere. Some things that seem so full of promise, sometimes, yield little to no result and some things that you had absolutely no expectations for, end up being some of the best things you could have ever thought to do.

Ultimately though, no matter which of those choices you make, I think that you’ll be okay because you’ll have learned something that will help you going forward in life, within the effort, and despite how many times we hear people say it or we read about it, I think we have to experience that epiphany in order to REALLY “get it”. I get it. I think. That doesn’t mean that I’m on my way to being a global icon or some kind of spectacular failure, it just means that I’m okay going into the dark and seeing what I come out with, good or bad. Ideally, I would like only good things to happen to me but sometimes, bad things are just as good. Anyway, I’m not going to preach to you. I just wanted to say that.

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