This is my world. Anything between these lines is mine, so I’ve decided to let something off of my chest. I have issue with the people who decide to judge based on no actual proof, merely speculation. This will always exist. I know that. But the issue that I have with this is the fact that you are grown people. If a child were to make an assessment based of purely speculative reasoning,  no one is going to really bat an eyelash at that because we all understand that they are not fully developed yet and so they are missing important components within the realm of understanding and breaking down situations. But if you’re an adult and know someone for a long enough time that you can make an assessment on that person’s intentions and then something, completely opposite comes out of the blue, that doesn’t reflect the person’s character, what do you do? Do you mention it to the person or do you decide to keep quiet about it and still entertain this person’s company? All the while, you’re scrutinizing their behavior, verifying if what you found out is in direct correlation with the actions that you now have under a microscope. THAT, is bullshit. Flat out. We are grown people. We have been through so many different situations and we have been privy to information about so many different situations that I have no respect for that lack of interpersonal respect. Open your mouth and establish the issue that you have with the person you have the issue with. All of this “muttering behind their backs” stuff is infantile and your card should be pulled on that. ESPECIALLY if it’s someone you know well enough to speak to about the situation.

And if you do pull that shit and expect that things are going to get back to the way they were…man…I don’t even know where to start on that, so I’ll quit while I’m ahead.

All this to say, I’m DONE with this stuff. When I am around you, show me the respect that I show you. I don’t disrespect anyone. I love people. Love talking to them, love interacting with them, love it all, but don’t disrespect me. No threats. You are not going to receive a night’s worth of vitriol, it would serve no purpose but enough with the innuendo’s.  I’ve had it up to here with scheming ass people. This life is being lived on MY TERMS. Not yours. If you don’t like what I do, write me a letter. Send me an email. Call my phone. Don’t speculate because you’ll look like the idiot that you aren’t.

On that note, have a great day.

Episode 2 (NYC) Part 3


This took a while for me to put out because I had plans on how to end it that I just couldn’t manifest. I hope that it’s good enough for anyone that decides to watch it. I have a special place in my being for this jacket because everything on there signifies a turning point in my consciousness.

Someone asked me why I do these videos. Why I film the trips I take. I do it because I want to pass something on the others. Something positive. There are different worlds on this Earth, in my opinion. We live in only one of them but there are so many realities that I feel we aren’t exposed to so I always want to share some of that stuff. These are our trips abroad. Yea, I know, you weren’t ACTUALLY there but I go on these trips with all of you in mind. Because I want to make you smile when you see what I’m seeing. Or think when you hear what I’m hearing. You don’t have to physically leave your home to change your way of thinking. Not when you’re watching my vlogs. And if only one person gets that light bulb effect in their minds by tuning into my episodes, then I’ll have done what I set out to do. And who knows, maybe you’ll want to do vlogs or go a little deeper on your trips abroad and connect with the people you meet a little more. Whatever you wanna do, just go ahead and do it. Live on your terms. I guarantee that once you do, the smile you’ll have on the inside will make way for the smile on the outside. And it’ll never go away. Shout out to Stainless Photography!!


noun \ˈtakt\

: a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense.

I feel that this is a very underrated ability. One that, in my opinion, a lot of people overlook. I was speaking to a few people the other day, we were discussing music and the reasons why the majority of artists cannot sustain the greatness that they enter the industry with. I like having these types of conversations because there aren’t very many ways that these convos can go wrong. We were all in agreement that it happens and so the next step was to determine why. I was enjoying myself greatly and then a girl that we all know approached us and started talking. She was greeted with great energy and she had made it clear that she was not going to be staying in our company for very long. Then, she did something that I still don’t understand. She turned her attention to me and went on to say something personal, that I didn’t really want to be known by the other folks around me at that moment, in the vicinity of the group and others, preceded by “I hate to burst your bubble”. I had to let her know that what she said didn’t have the specified effect and I shrugged it off but it was a little strange, can’t lie about that. Now to be honest, what she said wasn’t really that bad but it was the timing of it. And I would have assumed that she would have known that. She didn’t see any problem with it but I couldn’t understand why she would have mentioned it the way she did. So there is the reason for this post. Tact. Understand the situations that you are in. Know that just because you feel comfortable saying something to someone at a specific time, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is the right time to say it. You may think that this is a very obvious thing and that everyone knows this but if that were the case, this post wouldn’t be.

I don’t really expect to create any change with this post but I feel that if I don’t say anything, I’ll be complicit to this lack of subtlety. It’s all love. Just think before you say what you wanna say.