The Belize Interlude (Erlen)

Erlen is the kid that escorted me through the jungle, all the way up that very steep hill, to the gazebo in order to witness that amazing view. I had never been in a jungle before, much less with a random stranger who’s job it was to entertain me with his knowledge of the area of dense vegetation, but what ended up happening was that we started bonding and getting to know each other on a very personal level. We talked about a wide range of things and I grew to respect him in a different capacity than just “the guy who was telling me about stuff around us”. I told him that I was going to put him on my blog and he was really happy when I said that because he sincerely wanted to improve his skills as the guide to the gazebo. He even told me that he had alternate routes, one that would only take about twenty-five minutes and the one that we took which is much longer. That love for what he was showing me is why I chose to make this video, and why he has inspired me since the day that we met.


For my boy Erlen.


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