Ice Bucket Yoga

Milton drove me crazy when he nominated me to do this! I didn’t even have to see the bucket of water flowing over his head to know what he meant when he sent me a text saying “If you have a moment, I’d like to direct your attention to Facebook.”. I was sorta hoping that I wouldn’t have been named in anyone’s challenge but then, after thinking about it a bit, I realized that I had been selfish and so I started to look forward to doing it. 

I decided not nominate anyone, for the simple fact that I don’t believe in putting it on anyone to do this. At this point, if you’re not giving, I feel that it’s because you don’t want to give. Also, I feel like it is of more importance to give to a cause that you deem worthy of your contributions.

Anyway, watch the video, and now that we’re still out here, and we’re only getting better.

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