Give and take

I try to be as positive as I can be, while I write entries on the blog because I don’t want this to be a place where negativity thrives. There’s enough of that in the world. However, every now and again, I have to address some things that really annoy me.

I’m really frustrated with folks that are incapable of looking at things from different perspectives. We live in a multiverse, people. The possibilities are endless and, as such, shouldn’t it almost be a prerequisite for us to be open to seeing things from different angles in order to understand the opinions of others? I’m speaking about the tolerant, here. Not the folks that are filled with hate. Those folks can kick rocks. But if I approach you with a certain view on things, shouldn’t you attempt to understand that view, combine it with your own views and then make an assessment based on that? Too often, I feel as though I’m trying to understand where someone else is coming from, but when I open my mouth to give my perspective, my initial thoughts sparsed with those of the person that I am engaging, I’m either interrupted in my train of thought or the person refuses to acknowledge my thought process and continues to bludgeon me to the head with basic rhetoric of an under-evolved way of thinking.

I ain’t perfect. Far from it. But I always try to understand situations from both sides so that I am not slighting the person that I am in discourse with. Do I always succeed? Of course not, but the attempt is there and that is all I am asking for. We have the capacity to empathize and I feel that when we don’t get what we want, we start to throw adult versions of tantrums. Unappealing. I know that, in writing this, nothing will change. I’ll wake up tomorrow and I’ll possibly encounter the same exact situation. I just feel as though it isn’t that we’re incapable, it’s that we’re not trying and that is the saddest part of this situation, for me. You’re not trying to see where I’m coming from. You’re just intent on establishing what you want me to see, so there is no possibility of common ground. All there is, is your point of view. This, I cannot stand for. Because I also feel that, a lot of times, this mentality is a selective one. In certain situations, you will allow for there to be an alternate way of thinking but in other, less favorable situations, that option is off of the table. I’m sick and tired of being made to feel as though I am some kind of oddball because you cannot extend yourself to a different train of thought. And if there is something on your mind, that is causing you to think in the way that you are currently thinking, then express it or do not engage. These, to me, are basic principles that seem to have been lost. But how? How is it possible to lose this, or to even not know this? There is too much information available to us to be having these issues, at this point in our planet’s evolution.


I can probably go on forever, on this subject, but I believe that I have made my point. Try to be conscientious, because that has a lot to do with what I have been speaking about. We can all express properly if we all use our brains and make a bit of an effort. For each other.

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