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There is greatness in most things that I can think of, in this world. Even in the negative, because it may be able to provide you with the details on how not to proceed. This is a valuable lesson that cannot be overlooked. It is very easy to experience something and, on the surface, determine that the only thing that can be gleaned from it is the negative. But there are always multiple viewpoints to it all and this is what I take from everything that occurs, in my presence. I don’t know if there was ever one particular moment in time when all of this made sense to me. If there was a moment of enlightenment, I’ve since left it in my rearview. All I know is that I enjoy exploring my depths in order to understand my reactions, emotions, and general opinions on things. No sudden movements. Be still in your contemplation. Observe the melody as it reaches it’s crescendo. Maybe this reads as gibberish to you but it’s all music, to me. A beautiful melody that births an infinite amount of possible compositions.

I fear that my entries will continue to be sporadic as I am attempting to understand my existence, in the grand scheme of things. This, of course, is something that will last forever as there is no final form to this pursuit. However, I enjoy the contemplation and I find new ways to deepen my understanding of my self. It makes me happy but I don’t believe that my findings should be documented to the world. Perhaps if I’m interested enough to share, I will come back to my site and do so with the folks that read my entries but, to be honest, I’m just having a lot of fun, navigating the labyrinth that is my mind, during this unprecedented moment in time. I am endlessly confident in my approach. If, at the end of it all, my tasks are not accomplished, know that I had a grand time in my attempt. That day is not today, though. And there is work left to do. I just want to be the best me. And I will push myself to manifest that immaculacy. What comes from that is a gift to whomever I come into contact with. I hope that you enjoyed your time here.

Be Legendary.

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