The house party.

Hi there! I haven’t posted very many things on my site since the summer but that’s gonna change soon.  I’ve been prepping some videos and some other posts but then I broke my macbook, being stupid and not thinking clear.  Small setback though, I’m still going to flood this site with some cool things as of next year so it’s all good.

These pictures that I’m putting up are from my pal Harkeet’s house party, this past summer. Such a great guy and he always has those epic parties that garner buzz as soon as he sends out the message that it’s goin’ down. This one was no different. In a word; Crazy. I put my DJ skills to the test for a bit and got the people movin’ too…or maybe that was all in my head. Either way, it was a fun time and despite a few minor incidents everyone had a good time. Check it out.

P.S. Shout out to Sash, Milton, Cherry, Lester, Sheila, Peaches, and everybody else that showed up.

Vlog Pictures (Miami Edition) pt.2

We took so many pictures in Miami. I didn't want to end this episode without posting as many of them as I could shere you go. I have other goodies to show you before I put up the last part of episode 1 so be on the lookout. If you like the pictures, thank Milton Zhang at Stainless Photography because he's the one that took them and tweaked em for yours and my enjoyment, although I will take credit for that picture of him emerging from the shadows near the end of this post. Based on that one shot, I think I may have another calling. Ha! Click the picture to enlarge, and happy easter :) - Le Ch1ffre

Vlog Pictures (Miami Edition) pt.1


Milton and I saw a lot of things on our trip. A lot of it was really fun and some of it was challenging but I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The videos are almost done but I wanted to whet your appetite with something to look at in the meantime. This blog started off because of a bad situation but it’s turning into dreams. I do this for me but also for you, because there are so many reasons for any and all of us to be down and out, we all can use a bit of fun. So if you’re studying and this is just something your browsing through to kill a bit of time, or if you’re bored at work, or just chillin’ in general, I hope I give you a reason to crack a smile and to remember that shit isn’t that serious at the end of the day.

Do what you want.

– Le Ch1ffre