The New York City Interlude Pt.2

This is the second video I have of “Ghetto Jedi”. This man was a great surprise after we were stumbling out of a Manhattan bar at about 3 in the morning. I couldn’t believe that an individual as enlightened as he, would be on the streets asking for money. He just walked up to me and asked if I could let him say some stuff for the camera and so I said sure. As you can imagine, I wasn’t really expecting anything like what he did and so I just feel like this man should be heard. Whether you like it or not, as long as you hear him, I feel like he got his point across. Ep.2 Pt.2 coming soon.

The New York City Interlude

Here are a set of visuals I compiled on my trip(s) to New York. I plan to put them on the blog individually but it’s still kinda cool to be able to see the pics in a video format. I think all of the stuff you’re going to see is cool and it really isn’t meant to be professional, it’s simply a compilation.

Power up.

Episode 2 preview (NYC)

I didn’t want to take too long to put a video preview up. Even though people still actively check the site for new stuff. I’m really happy that I started this. The upcoming episode is very cool to me. I’ve learned a few things from the videos that we did for the Miami trip and I am going to try to implement those things into the new stuff to make it as nice as possible. August 21st is the day…

– Le Ch1ffre