Episode 2 Teaser (NYC)

I’ve been a fan of paintings and certain art in general for as long as I can remember. I just could never understand WHAT art was, to be exact. Like, if all of the things that they show us can be described as art, then are all the other things not? Can I create anything that I want and have it be considered art if I stand behind it with all of my heart? I just thought that way as I was growing up and although I never thought I had any artistic ability, I always daydreamed about having the vision that some of the classically trained artists had. While I as in New York, my homie Zechen decided to  go to the museum of modern art  and the Guggenheim and I joined her. It was a bit exhausting to do all of that walking but I’m glad I did because I was blown away by what I saw. Here’s some of what I witnessed.