Ice Bucket Yoga

Milton drove me crazy when he nominated me to do this! I didn’t even have to see the bucket of water flowing over his head to know what he meant when he sent me a text saying “If you have a moment, I’d like to direct your attention to Facebook.”. I was sorta hoping that I wouldn’t have been named in anyone’s challenge but then, after thinking about it a bit, I realized that I had been selfish and so I started to look forward to doing it. 

I decided not nominate anyone, for the simple fact that I don’t believe in putting it on anyone to do this. At this point, if you’re not giving, I feel that it’s because you don’t want to give. Also, I feel like it is of more importance to give to a cause that you deem worthy of your contributions.

Anyway, watch the video, and now that we’re still out here, and we’re only getting better.

Episode 1 Part 3: The Finale (Miami)

So this is the last part of the Miami episode. We left a day or so after this game was over and I must say that the trip as a whole was extremely successful. It was only a week but I felt like I changed a lot within that short span of time. It was very evident to me as I started to spend more time around people and started noticing my reactions to different things that  were taking place, but who knows? That could all be in my head. I’m very glad to conclude this episode because I can start working on the second one. That’s going to be a very interesting set of videos because it’s going to be a bit personal. But I’ve been excited about working on this project ever since Milton and I decided to go to Miami. Anyway, I’m babbling. Enjoy this last part and I’m glad you all watched.

– Le Ch1ffre

Episode 1 Part 3.1 (Miami)

I was supposed to put this up about 2 weeks ago but so many things have been happening in my life and I was struggling to find the time to do it. I have finally finished the video and I have decided to break it into two parts so that I could reduce the length and thus give everyone a better chance of watching the entire thing. I apologize to anyone who has been checking  to see that I posted it and I will try to become more consistent in my vlog posting.

Anyway, I wanted to make sure that these last videos were great, if not for the fact that I just like doing things well, then for the fact that I wanted everyone to feel as close to what is happening as possible. it was quite an experience and I want  to thank everyone that  made it possible. I have a few more episodes planned and I have a few more things planned to get more participation on the blog itself. It’s hard for me to keep quiet about exciting things because I want so much to show them to everyone but I guess with time, everything will come out. 1 episode left and we’re on to a different city with different stuff happening.

Casio, Rolex, make sure you watch me…

– Le Ch1ffre

Episode 1 Part 2 (Miami)

I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised by how well the first video was received. Especially since I personally didn’t really like it as much as I would have wanted to. It’s just a great feeling to know that something that I am having so much fun doing is making other people happy. I appreciate all of the texts and messages that I have gotten because my intention is simply to share an experience, however silly or nonsensical it may seem to be. There are also folks who didn’t really like the first video and that’s really okay. I know that I cannot please everyone and I am sure that there will be other folks that will gripe about something I did or didn’t do and that’s alright, it is the prerogative of that particular person.

This is he second of three posts I will make about the trip to Miami. I may also put up a little blooper reel of all the outtakes that we have, as well as any funny comments that were made. Hope y’all like it. I’m very proud of this video and I like it very much.The last video, though… THAT is gonna be bonkers!

– Le Ch1ffre